What people are saying about our Blinds, Shades & Shutters at Accent Window Coverings…

Thank you Sunny H. from Riverside for your recent business and continued support for over the last 15 + years. We appreciate the business as it’s customers like you that keep us busy and keep us going. Your loyalty means a lot to us and we really appreciate the kind words you said about us on yelp.com and on our website www.AccentWindowCoverings.com…..

“You know that you are completely satisfied with a business when you repeatedly use them, recommend them to everyone you know, and especially when you trust their work for your mother. Let me explain my history with Jim and his business below.”

“Our first new house and encounter with Jim happened back in 1998 because he left a flier on our door. We called, he came out on time, was very knowledgeable and courteous, showed us many samples and listened to what we wanted. You would think that the other businesses that we called could also do these simple, basic things. Unbelievably, one didn’t even bother to show up, the other was late, and one guy didn’t listen to us and kept showing us things that we weren’t even interested in! We chose Jim because he really showed us that he cared about doing a good job and delivering on his promises. Think about it people, if they can’t deliver on their promises when they are trying to get your business, then they certainly aren’t going to deliver once they have your business. I’m so thankful that we chose Jim because the blinds and shutters came out beautifully and on time. Also at the time our neighbors were complaining about a different shutter company that took their money and never came back. Thank God we chose Jim!”

“For our next new house we also called Jim. This time we didn’t even bother calling anyone else because of our past experience with him, and true to his word, we got our blinds and shutters on time, (actually this time I think they were finished earlier) and they came out beautifully again. I was also impressed this time that Jim treated us with even more respect. Sometimes people get complacent, but for the same reasons we chose Jim the first time, I’m happy to report that he went even more above and beyond this time.”

“My mom has a small condo, so when it was time to replace all her window coverings of course my go to guy for window coverings is Jim. Again, he under promised and over delivered! It’s sad that it is so rare today to find businesses that keep their promises and deliver excellent service and products.”

“Our next new house is the one that we currently live in. Of course we trust and call Jim only, and of course he delivers on every promise again! Our shutters throughout the house are beautiful! I also respect and admire him for his honesty, which is why we completely trust him. I thought of also buying shutters for the french doors but decided against it because he made sure that I was aware of how much they would stick out. I wasn’t thinking of that and I’m so glad he told me because I would have been unhappy with it sticking out so much. Can anyone else tell me of people and businesses you know of that are honest with you even to their own detriment? Jim is very rare indeed! We thank God for meeting him and of course if we move again or need window coverings we will be calling Jim at www.AccentWindowCoverings.com

With every shutter order
you get 1 temp shade
per window at no charge.

Giving you instant privacy, security and shading while your shutters are being custom made for your home.